The Sig Sauer P226 Story | Automatic Pistol Review

The Sig Sauer P226 handgun, a modern-day classic, boasts can’t-be-beaten reliability and accuracy!

In the entire history of handgun development, there has never been a period of rapid change like the last 40 years. This is particularly true with automatic pistols. I can distinctly remember a major, colorfully illustrated article on the then-new squeeze-cocked Heckler & Koch P7 pistol. That was in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s. The P7 was a fine gun, but it is long gone and many new shooters have never heard of it. Things change real fast in the world of automatic pistols.

sig.jpgFor a time, we were all wrapped up in what was called the “Wondernine Wars,” the intense competition among makers to come up with new pistols that had two major characteristics. Those were a double-action (actually DA/SA) trigger system and a double column magazine. Anything less than 15 9mm rounds was cause for rejection.

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  • Randy S

    I’ve had a Sig P226 since 1988. I used it as my sidearm for 10 years and fire thousands of rounds through it, never having the slightest issue. I’ve used it as a firearms instructor for my department and while I served on our tact team and it never failed me. When it was retired, I purchased it for $325 (best purchase I ever made). When the department decided to move to a large Caliber sidearm (P220 45 Cal.) I wondered if it was the right choice… I still to this day love this gun and wouldn’t hesitate to put my old P226 back in service and carry it every day. In my opinion the best Gun ever.


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    How can I get a copy of story, “The Sig Sauer P226 Story Written by Wiley Clapp.” from your March issue. I just noticed the story today and the March issue is off the shelves… can I buy a back issue from you? I would love to read this Sig story…