Timberwolf G34 9mm

When it comes to shooting sports, there are all kinds.…


When it comes to shooting sports, there are all kinds. Gun games go through the same fads and popularity shifts as any competitive sport. PPC, IPSC, IDPA, CAS, 3-Gun, all these acronyms represent gun games competing with each other for shooters and sponsors. Add to that list the Steel Challenge.

As with every competitive shooting sport, there are competition divisions sanctioned by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. Open, Production, Optic Revolver, Iron Sight Revolver, and Iron Sight Pistol are some of the more popular classes.

The Timberwolf from Lone Wolf Distributors is a customized version of the 9mm G34. Designed for competitive shooting, it features a lightening cut on the top of the slide, enhanced fiber-optic sight and a modular custom polymer frame.

Where the .45 ACP pistol was once the king of the hill because of “power factor” concerns, in the Steel Challenge you don’t need to knock the targets over, only hit them. This difference has caused a big swing toward pistols chambered in 9mm.

The stock Glock 34 pistol has been a popular gun for competitive shooters for many years, but it was considered “minor” caliber for many competitions. That factor being a non-issue for Steel Challenge, the G34 is great platform to build an iron sight competition gun. Featured in this review is a G34 modified and upgraded with materials from Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD).

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  • Love the looks of the custom Lone Wolf 9mm. Would like to see more info on it.