Top Guns Of Combat Handguns For 2013

2013 proved to be a stand out year for handguns, and we have collected the year’s most notable firearms from Combat Handguns.

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  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-main-pic
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-angle
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-barrel
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-Slide-Release
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-Slide-Farm-Trigger
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-RearSight
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-Rear-Sight
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-Muzzle
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-grip-extended
  • Combat Handguns Beretta-Pico-380-front-sight

Beretta Pico .380
In the world of ultra-compacts, size maters, and when it gets down to fractions of an inch, the Pico earns its name. The little .380 even has interchangeable, dovetailed, white-dot sights, a feature that sets it apart from most of the competition in this size and caliber. “Overall, the Pico is a breeze to operate,” author Dennis Adler observed. “The slide catch is almost flush, but has just enough of a cutout that you can lay your thumb into it and easily release the slide on the reload. I found this to be one of the quickest and easiest to activate slide releases of any ultra-compact semi-auto on the market.” Not only is the Pico one of the most compact .380 autos on the market, it is also, by far, the narrowest .380 handgun ever made. And that is going to make this innovative, micro-compact semi-automatic the most desirable CCW pistol in years.

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  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-main-pic
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-barrel
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-ejection-port
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-front-side
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-front-sight
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-grip
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-magazine
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-rear
  • Combat Handguns Glock-30S-45ACP-recoil-spring

Glock 30S .45 ACP
Glock has unleashed the G30S (“S” for Slim), which has the 0.14-inch-trimmer slide of the single-stack G36, the width of Glock’s 9mm/.40-caliber pistols, and the reduced frame of Glock’s SF models to improve trigger reach and controllability. “I consider quicker recoil recovery, which allows for faster follow-up shots, critical for a pistol carried by officers and civilian shooters,” wrote author D.K. Pridgen. “The G30S allows you to get back on target quickly to deliver more rounds against the same aggressor or on multiple threats.” This gun has controllable recoil, faster follow-up shots, 10+1 rounds of the large-bore, battle-proven .45 ACP, excellent concealability, improved frame and slide handling characteristics and fight-stopping accuracy—and the legendary reliability and durability of all Glock pistols.

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  • Charles Newman

    So where is it?

  • Don Sebold

    Bought a sccy….bad little 9 mm….lot of power…great for CC….. Price right also….breaks down easy to clean….very satisfied….

  • Richard

    Can’t believe the Weather PPS didn’t make the list.

  • Glock Fortycal

    I can’t locate the PICO at any of my LGS. I am itching to get another BUG, and would like to check out the PICO, BUT, I am looking very closely at the SCCY CPX-2

  • Glock Fortycal

    I’m leaning very strong towards the CPX-2, Hickok45 does a nice review of this one on YouTube

  • Don Sebold

    Get it won’t be disappointed