Traveling While Legally Armed

One of the most common questions I’ve received over the…

vip.gifOne of the most common questions I’ve received over the years is how to legally carry firearms when accompanying a principal while traveling. Perhaps a column covering some of the general considerations might be of interest, but let me emphasize that these are general comments based on my experience. Before traveling anywhere carrying a gun, local laws must be carefully checked.

Outside the US, I can sum up my experiences in being authorized to carry my gun fairly readily. The more important the client, the more likely local authorities are to allow a protective team to be armed. If you are on an official team protecting a government official, then generally the details will be worked out with the host government and the counterpart protective agency.

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  • Doc Rogers Says: Traveling While Legally Armed an article that is thought provoking and timely, and only on Mr. Leroy Thompson can write with authority. He has been around the world doing this before most of us were born. Great article. Keep safe and God speed.

  • I also have had no problem “leasing” weapons from local police agencies as long as i employ a few locals on my detail while in country.however,rifles an semi auto rifles have been a hands off commodity.