Trumped Up Cases– How To Beat Them!

We grow up in this country believing in truth, justice,…

We grow up in this country believing in truth, justice, and the American way. In fact, those very words were part of the introduction to each episode of the old TV series, Superman. Sadly, when you’ve heard that phrase often enough, it becomes kind of easy to forget that Superman was a fictional character.

However, truth and justice are the American way. That is not fictional. Everyday, justice is administered by the vast army of ordinary men and women in the criminal and civil courts’ systems. None of them are Superman. They make mistakes. They can be misled, sometimes by lying witnesses and sometimes by defendants who acted in justifiable self-defense, but failed to get the truth across to investigators, to prosecutors, or even to what the court calls “the triers of the facts,” the jury that has been empanelled to judge their actions. Sometimes, human weakness is seen on the part of those who usher the accusations into court.

Yes, trumped-up cases happen. It’s sad but it’s true. Let’s face the facts. We’ll look at a few cases where “The System” has veered off course, how and why it happened and what was done (or could have been done) to get those concepts of truth and justice back together where they belong.

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