Use Enough Gun– But Not Too Much

Standing in a gun shop looking at the array of…


Standing in a gun shop looking at the array of handguns currently available can be one of the most bewildering experiences a novice interested in self-defense can face. There are guns of all sizes, shapes, calibers, designs, configurations and even colors. Trying to decide which would be best for your needs can be a stressful and confusing task.

combatcorner2.gifBut there’s more to it than that. A wrong decision can place you in more danger than necessary if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. Moreover, it can cause your criminal and civil liability hazards to skyrocket to catastrophic levels.

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  • Robert Garland

    As per my first question, my interest has to do with legal issues. If I use a certain round for home defense, I want to stay within the law, or at least what I hope is the law. Thanks again.

    Mr. Garland

  • Robert Garland

    This is a question. In your article, you state that the 45 acp, 230 fmj round, was one of a few designed for human targets. What are the other rounds not mentioned in the article, designed for this purpose. I’m looking to purchase a pistol, other than a 45, so the information would be helpfull. Thank you for a great article, which was very informative, and interesting.
    Thank You,
    Robert Garland

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