Vehicle Bomb Detection

In VIP Protection instruction, we study techniques for carrying out…


In VIP Protection instruction, we study techniques for carrying out an explosive recce on a vehicle, to convince trainees to never leave the VIP vehicle unsecured. In fact, to truly carry out a thorough explosives recce it’s necessary to take the vehicle to a maintenance facility and raise it for a careful check of its undercarriage. But this is time-consuming and expensive, and normally only justified when the vehicle has been out of the team’s control. The best way to prevent a vehicle explosives recce is to have the vehicle under constant observation by the driver or another member of the team, and/or have it in a locked garage with video surveillance and alarm systems in place.

vehicle.jpgNevertheless, members of a protective team need to know the basics of carrying out an explosives recce since we do not live in a perfect world and they might be assigned a vehicle on relatively short notice. It’s understood that members of protective teams are not EOD specialists, although a team member might have that training. The job of team members is to look for any indications that the vehicle has been booby-trapped or that a device has been installed, then to get everyone away from it and call for EOD personnel.

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  • Doc Rogers Says: Just re-read this article – Mr. Leroy Thompson is one of the best-of-the-best in the industry. When he speaks I listen, you should as well. Keep safe and God speed.

  • Doc Rogers Says: This is a great article on vehicle bomb protection that every agent should read. Keep safe and God speed.