Gander Mountain’s virtual simulators offer realistic training to prepare attendees…

Gander Mountain’s virtual simulators offer realistic training to prepare attendees for real-world realities.

Video simulators that offer different scenarios designed to test accuracy and judgment with shoot/don’t shoot situations have been around for some time, but were usually limited to law enforcement and military use. Now, this technology is becoming increasingly available for civilians thanks to Gander Mountain.

I had an opportunity to tour the Gander Mountain Academy in Lake Mary, Florida, just outside of tourist-rich Orlando, and came away both impressed with their facility and with a more nuanced view of my self-preservation skills. The great benefit to virtual training of this nature is that it presents hyper-realistic, fully immersive, heart-pounding scenarios that test situational awareness and tactics to a high degree.


Laser-firing Glock 22s (above) and Beretta 92 pistols—both in a special Gander Mountain Green finish—are available for use at the company’s excellent training facilities.


Simulator Details
To say that this is a state-of-the-art facility barely does it justice. At 20,000 square feet, the Gander Mountain Academy is attached to, but separate from, the firearms section of the main store. It includes multiple classrooms, a live-fire range, a virtual range, and two different video simulators, in addition to a cadre of outstanding instructors with military and law enforcement backgrounds.

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