Who’s In Charge

I remember watching the news a couple of years ago…

I remember watching the news a couple of years ago when they mentioned a Bush family get-together. At the time I thought that the merging of protection details should be interesting, since George W. would have his Presidential Detail, Laura would have her First Lady Detail, George Sr. would have his Former President’s Detail, Barbara would have her former First Lady’s Detail, and Jeb would have his Florida Governor’s Detail.

vip.jpgFor the four Secret Service details, operating together would prevent few problems since they all had been through the same training and used the same standard operating procedures (SOP). Many had worked together in the past. Only Jeb Bush’s detail would have had to adjust to the Secret Service’s operating procedures.

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  • Doc Rogers Says: This is a great by seasoned VIP protection veteran Mr. Leroy Thompson. I found it to be a fantastic learning experience and I thank Mr. Thompson for providing this knowledge. Keep safe and God speed.