Wilson CQB Tactical LE .45ACP 1911 Pistol Review

A practical sureshootin’ 1911, the Wilson CQB Tactical LE .45ACP handgun is one you won’t wanna let go of!

Over the years Wilson Combat has made the CQB in a range of formats. Originally a full size, 5-inch, 1911-style pistol with refinements, it has varied across a range of sizes and intended purposes within the original concept.

wilson2.jpgDesigned as a shooter’s gun, it’s no “safe queen.” Coated with the durable Armor-Tuff rust and abrasion-resistant finish, the CQB is listed with night sights, a clean, firm trigger, easy-to-reach safety and, of course, Wilson’s magnificent magazine. It’s a regular 1911-size gun with the conventional recoil spring guide rod, recoil spring plug and barrel bushing, making it as easy to disassemble for maintenance as the original.

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