Words That Can Hang You In Court

The echo of the last shot has died away. The…

The echo of the last shot has died away. The opponent lies still. Your spent brass has rolled across the pavement and come to a stop. That doesn’t mean the fight for your life is over. It just means it has gone to “the next stage of the game.” Stage one is surviving the attack on your very life that occurred on the street. Stage two is surviving the attacks in court: criminal charges that can take life as you know it away from you and send you to prison, and civil lawsuits that can leave you bankrupt.

defenselaw2.jpgAs to “street survival,” you wouldn’t say, “Aah, I’ll wait to worry about that until I’m attacked.” You know that would be too late. That’s why you read Combat Handguns, and budget to purchase the best gear and training you can afford, and hone your alertness and mindset. It’s simple common sense and safety.

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