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BARRETT’S ROLE IN FREEDOM FIGHTING Required to remain silent about…

Required to remain silent about his role due to national security concerns back then, Ronnie Barrett nonetheless played a significant role in helping to support the Afghani freedom fighters during the Cold War with his .50-caliber rifle. However, with the release of the movie Charlie Wilson’s War, Ronnie’s role in providing his amazing Model 82A1 to their resistance movement can now be common knowledge.

M107 LRSR: The U.S. Army’s designation of the Model 82 series rifles as adopted for use as a long-range sniper rifle. 1,500 and 2,000 meters: The distances at which Picatinny Arsenal rates the M107 capable of engaging personnel and materiel targets, respectively.

Materiel targets of which the Model 82A1/M107 is determined to be well suited at engaging are as follows: parked aircraft; command, control and communications; computers; intelligence sites; radar sites; ammunition; petroleum, oil and lubricant sites; and various lightly armored targets.

.416 Barrett: Made by necking down the .50 BMG case to a smaller .416-diameter bullet, the .416 Barrett propels a roughly 400-grain projectile at around 3,300 feet per second.

6.8 SPC: Whereas Barrett’s .50-caliber Model 82A1 revolutionized .50 BMG small arms, Barrett also revolutionized the popular AR platform with its M468 and later REC7 rifles chambered for the powerful 6.8 SPC cartridge.

The U.S. Coast Guard employs a variant of the M107 that differs from those ordered for the U.S. Army. They feature fully chromed bores and a special anti-corrosion finish to counter the harsh environments in which they will be used.

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  • Tom Copeland

    I have the standard Barrett M82 A1 with a 1 and 15 twist. When I tried to sight it in with the Swarovski scope that came wioth it, it would not group at all. It seemed that the reticle was jumping all over the place. I am shooting 690 grain Summitt ammunition. This is a service weapon for a SWAT team so any advice would be appreciated. Thinking about mounting a Schmidt BEnder mil dot scope and trying again. I have to take it to a school in 2 weeks so I have to get it lined out before then. Pleasde E Mail me or call at 361-935-3744.
    Tom Copeland

  • joe

    ronnie barrett your rifles are extremly awsome rifles where else can a civilian buy a 416 rifle thats accurate out to 25 football fields back to back. also where can a civilian buy a 50 bmg rifle thats accruate out 20 football fields back to back and can fire arommed percing bullets with incindery rounds ronnie barrett you kick some serious ass. I love you man.