ACES: The Association of Competitive Elite Shooters

Made public on a symbolic 1/11/11 release date, the new…

Made public on a symbolic 1/11/11 release date, the new ACES organization is a first of a kind central location for top tier action shooters in competitive handgun sports. From the ACES website, you can browse through profiles, view contact info and visit ACES member’s personal websites.

The ACES Selection Committee expects to feature less than 20 members initially with others on the brink of making the qualifications. The committee is composed of four accomplished and respected world champion athletes in practical handgun shooting (listed alphabetically): Max Michel, Dave Sevigny, Phil Strader and Travis Tomasie.

ACES will host an invitational, multiple shooting sport competition slated for October 2012. The unique format makes for the deepest field of talent competing head to head in challenges featuring tests found in the exciting, fast paced, accuracy demanding shooting sports. Every competitor must complete each stage with an optical sighted handgun and also with an iron sighted handgun. The winner is the competitor with the best aggregate score across all stages and both firearm types. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be recognized.

A high definition DVD production of the ACES Invitational will be available from Next Level Training Productions following the event.

E-Mail: info@aceshooters.comi

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