Armor Up With Armalite M15A4 6.8 SPC

Just like the upper receiver, the lower receiver is forged…

Just like the upper receiver, the lower receiver is forged 7075-T6 aluminum that is milled to its final dimensions. The lower receiver extension has a six-position, M4 style, mil-spec, adjustable buttstock. The A2 pistol grip is mil-spec too. The charging handle is ArmaLite’s standard fare, and the weapon’s tactical two-stage trigger represents an upgrade from mil-spec. The first-stage take-up requires 3.5 pounds of pull, with an additional 2.31 pounds required to break the sear. The trigger pull is consistent, smooth on the take-up of the first stage, and relatively crisp on the second stage. Few factory ARs meet my standards for acceptable trigger pull—this Mod 1 did. The extent of my inveterate tinkering would stop with a dab of grease on the trigger sear and disconnector. The trigger’s that good. And the price you pay for a monolithic top rail is small in terms of weight, which totals 7.2 pounds.

AR-10 SuperSASS
ArmaLite has just finished a limited run of AR-10A4s, and like all SASS, it features a match-grade barrel and a National Match trigger to produce a heavy hitter with supreme accuracy. The AR-10A SuperSASS represents a cooperative effort with RSR Group, one of the top firearms distributors in the U.S. Back in the late 1950s, it was a cruel twist of fate that kept the AR-10 from becoming the main U.S. battle rifle. Eugene Stoner had developed the 7.62mm NATO AR-10 for ArmaLite, but the weapon didn’t compete as well in the military trials because the U.S. Army already had too much invested in the T44, the prototype for the M14. Today’s ArmaLite AR-10A SuperSASS has come full circle to the AR-10’s original intent, as envisioned by ArmaLite/Fairchild more than 50 years ago.

From buttplate to muzzle, the SuperSASS is outfitted with the Magpul PRS stock. The weapon’s length of pull is 14.5 inches. The upper receiver is forged 7175-T74 aluminum with a flattop Picatinny rail, the lower receiver is 7175-T73 forged aluminum, and both receivers are hardcoat anodized. The fire control group has a two-stage National Match trigger. The 20-inch barrel is AISI 416R stainless steel threaded at 5/8×24. For more information, visit or call 800-336-0184.

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