The U.S. military has called upon the M240B belt-fed medium…

The U.S. military has called upon the M240B belt-fed medium machine gun for two decades to provide troop support with suppressive and direct fire. These weapons have put millions of rounds downrange, and littered the sand with hot empty brass, links and blood when called upon. The M204B is reliable, but troops in the field alerted their higher ups that improvements were needed. A request went out to “cut the fat” from a weapon that incorporates design features that date back to the end of WWI. Barrett Firearms, dependable provider of the M107 .50 semi-auto, took the initiative and designed the M240LW (Light Weight) to take advantage of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.


The weight savings for the Barrett M240LW are gained by shaving 4 pounds from the receiver, but those aren’t the only enhancements. Watch the video below for a sneak peek of the new M240LW battle beast in action—the same machine gun that’s being deployed with our troops overseas—and be sure to check out the November issue of Tactical Weapons for the full story!


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  • Jeff Stockwell

    Let’s combine Barrett’s shave down, Ohio Ordinance semi auto capability, with FN’s titanium components to make a super M240 at less then 20 lbs.

  • hans

    awesome!! that is smoking!