Image: utasturk.com UTAS-USA UTS15 Shotgun The "bullpup" UTS15 shotgun is…

Image: utasturk.com

UTAS-USA UTS15 Shotgun
The “bullpup” UTS15 shotgun is radically advanced 12 ga. shotgun with dual 7-round tubular magazines. It offers either alternating or selectable feed between the tubes, snap open loading loading ports and retractable magazine followers.



A top Picatinny rail accepts iron and optical sights, and the chrome-lined barrel accepts Beretta-pattern chokes. The overall length is 28.5 inches, and the weight is 6.9 pounds. For more information, contact UTAS-USA at 847-768-1011 or utas-usa.com.

IWI Tavor SA 5.56mm
A semi-automatic variant of the Israeli Tavor “bullpup” rifle is being readied for sale here in the U.S. as the Tavor SA. The 5.56mm rifle features reversible controls (including case ejection with an optional dedicated left-hand bolt assemby), integrated back-up iron sights and an optics ready top Picatinny rail. Stayed tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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  • Steve E


  • AJ

    Handled these at the Toronto Sportsman Show this year. They are being imported into Canada by http://www.tacticalimports.ca
    Toronto web based company. The shotgun one ups the KelTech version.

  • EGS

    that UTAS-USA UTS15 is massive! the IWI Tavor is sweet though.