BUSHMASTER’s New BA338 & PSR Custom Shop Rifle

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bushmaster3384.gifBushmaster’s BA338
* New, highly-accurate long distance target rifle.
* Semi-Auto
* .338 Lapua Magnum
* PRS stock, adjustable for length of pull and height
* 10 Rd. Mag
* Unique Bushmaster recoil-reducing muzzle brake
* ERGO Tactical Pistol Grip
* Limb-saver buttpad
* Disassembles like an AR-type rifle for easy cleaning

Bushmaster’s PSR Custom Shop Rifle
* Flat-top 5.56 NATO
* Dark Earth receiver
* A.R.M.S. Free-floated S.I.R. Quad Rail System and Gas Block

For more information on this and other Bushmaster Products, visit www.bushmaster.com

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  • walter

    hi, where can i buy the new bushmaster ba.338?is it legal for civilian s?I need to treat myself,with the high price of gas ill keep the old car and buy the bushmaster.

  • http://tacticle-life martin

    i like the look of the (BA338) and the reputation of the cartridge and of bushmasters line of firearms, the only question is, is the accuracy of the rifle repeatable, as in the past there was a question in reguards to semiauto systems having problems staying on target at long range,

  • Chance

    hi i relly would like to buy a semi auto 338 for hunting and home defence. dose any one know were i could pick one up for a good price.

  • Johnny Rock

    smart man, or should I say Very smart man