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Ranger operators make use of the South African made Vektor…

Ranger operators make use of the South African made Vektor M1 60mm Mortar.

As seen in the May 2010 issue of Tactical Weapons, Ireland’s elite Army Ranger Wing are multi-mission warriors.

Think you have razor sharp wit? Test it out in the comment box below — Tactical Weapons editors will choose the best caption. Winner gets a year’s subscription to Tactical Weapons magazine.

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  • Dan Guns N Geeks

    Man these kidney stones are a bitch!!!

  • Richard

    That doesn’t usually happen…..

  • Josh

    Shooting big Loads all over them.

  • Gary

    I have one that is better.
    “Maybe I should have used protection.”


    The winner of the contest was Bell’s caption: “I was cleaning it and it just went off!”

    Please stay tuned for the upcoming installment of Caption This. We promise to have one up soon. The winner this time around might get a Montie Design tripod…

  • Anonymous

    So… who won the contest, and when will the next caption this! be? I haven’t seen an other caption this

  • David N

    And she thought it was small…

  • randall b rhea


  • Alex

    Think of baseball, think of baseball, DAMN!


    Thank you for playing the first edition of Caption This! The contest is now over, though please feel free to add to the list.

    When we pick a winner, we’ll let everyone know. Please come back for another round next week.

  • Bell

    I was cleaning it and it just went off!

  • atomic

    When I said I had a launch issue, the Doctor suggested I should try a couple of the big “Blue Pills”

  • Stephen Bradley

    Was it good for you?

  • Chris M.

    Finally, a skeet shooting range with a real challenge…Pull!

  • Stephen Bradley

    Failure to launch. Not!

  • Rick

    “Suddenly I feel like I need a cigarette”

  • Tom

    Humming: Double your pleasure, double your fun, with double good, double fresh, Doublemint gum!

  • Steve

    Happy Ending!!!

  • David B

    …Because 40mm isn’t enough

  • One drop, or two?

  • william

    “Brace yourself barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • rich mcclucas

    It’s the first drop that destroys you, there’s no harm at all in the last.

  • Li

    Everyone enjoys some twins action.

  • braulio neira


  • Bob Hale

    “And for my next trick I ‘ll need a volunteer.”

  • Dennis

    Too bad it’s not in the Middle East.

    “I’ll go get you a towel. err… Wait, you have one on your head.”

  • Gavin

    Mine’s faster then yours!!

  • Doug

    say hello to my little Friend

  • Andy

    “Aye, the French don’t speak much english, but they know a good ‘hello’ when they hear one laddy.”

  • jose

    so that’s how you make babies?

  • Matt

    I know it hasn’t been 4 hours, but I still think you should see a doctor.

  • Henry L

    Whewwww, now I feel better!

  • Jason P.

    finally the bit that is worse than the bark…..

  • Jason P.

    putting the practicale back in tactical

  • Alec Z

    Definitely not shooting blanks

  • Eleia

    Can you feel me now?

  • David N

    Their last line of defense.

  • Matt

    Fire for effect!

  • B

    The Money Shot!!

  • Adam

    Loser pays for drinks tonight

  • Andre

    It’s not the length of the tube, it’s the power of the charge!

  • David Jeter

    The military way to pass a kidney stone……

  • Porter

    To answer your question…something like that!

  • Justin H

    Tactical-life it would be nice if your picture worked.

  • Matthew

    That little blue pill: Sticking it to people all around the world.

  • Jonathan

    Only on Tuesday.