Sneak Peek: Colt Modular Carbine SP901 in .308 Winchester

Colt’s Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut debuted their brand new…

Colt’s Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut debuted their brand new SP901 Modular Carbine in .308 Winchester at Gunsite Academy outside of Prescott, Arizona.

The brand new rifle has a number of attractive features including a monolithic (one-piece) flat-top upper receiver, adjustable stock and fully ambidextrous manual controls. The lower receiver is built to accept AR-10 or similar .308-sized magazines. A 16-inch barrel with 1 in 10 twist is used.



Numerous firearms industry media folks were on hand for the live fire demonstration. A Trijicon high-powered riflescope allowed shooters to make hits on popper targets out to three hundred yards with ease.

Best of all, the “Modular” part of the rifle comes from the fact that any standard upper can be fitted to the lower receiver and fed with normal AR magazines with the use of an adapter. This adapter is still a closely guarded secret but look forward to seeing more on the Colt Modular Carbine after the new year. Stay tuned for more!

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  • kamokilla

    IA this the civilian model of the cm901? And how much is it cause its gonna be the next gun I buy

  • brocop

    This is a colt so i’m not going to back door or try and get around this somehow. I’m going to gun dealer that exclusiviely sells to police departments and other legitimate law enforcement and security agencies. The kind that worries more about their guns showing up on the 11:00PM news murdering a family of four or robbing a liquor store than your second amendmant rites. I’ll drop them a $500 deposit and tell them to put me on the waiting list. And i’ll jump thru whateva hoops, take whateva tests, fill whateva vile they want me to while i’m waiting for that gun to come in. Last time I tried to buy a 45 and 10mm glock and they were like just buy one glock and switch out the barrells. i was like I can afford it i want both glocks. They were like look guy we’re only selling you one glock thats it, you keep this up and we’ll sell you no glocks. We make our money selling under armor linings and tactical boots. these guys are good legitimate and will have the colts first.

  • anyone know when it will be for sale and for how much??

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  • John

    nice Job colt

  • chris

    Wouldn’t expect any less from Colt

  • Dennis

    This would be a GREAT replacement for the 556

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