Delta P Design Inc. is an armament engineering company that…

Delta P Design Inc. is an armament engineering company that believes form follows function—its products are simple, reliable and designed with the operator in mind. A recent test of Delta P’s M1A adaptors and suppressors provided me an opportunity to see if this was true.

Delta P makes adaptors to fit both standard and SOCOM 16 series M1A rifles. Originally designed to accommodate its own suppressor, the adaptor can also be used to attach flash suppressors and muzzle brakes. The standard adaptor uses the factory castle nut and installs simply and easily, while the SOCOM adaptor replaces the existing brake. Both adaptors allow the use of a standard or adjustable gas plug.


Delta P also manufactures several Brevis suppressors. All are thread-on designs created for simple and reliable operation. The 5.56mm Compact only adds 2 inches to the length of your typical carbine, providing moderate sound suppression. The standard model offers sound and flash suppression typical of most suppressors. All Brevis suppressors are affordable and built to last. For a look at some tests I ran with the Delta P suppressor and my M1A Scout rifle, as well as with a Primary Weapons MK110 mated to an M16 lower, check out this video. Smith & Wesson also provided an M&P15 for testing the standard 5.56mm suppressor.

If you are in search of a simple and affordable suppressor for hard use, Delta P’s Brevis suppressors may just be what you need. Stay tuned for a complete review in an upcoming issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement. For more on Delta P Design, visit or call 503-487-0007.

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  • Cymond

    The Brevis suppressors are among the most expensive I’ve ever seen!

  • Mark

    If you do not own suppressors then you make comments like Aj’s and Rem’s. I own close to a dozen and not all suppressors are the same. some are very large and heavy and some are made for QCB. Many manufacturors make a mini that only reduces DB’s in the teens. AAC and surefire being two. It is rare for a 223 or larger rifle caliber to suppress more then 30-32 DB. I have a Liberty Suppressor Torch and it suppresses about 35 DB but its almost as big as a 308 can and weighs the just as much.

  • Rem

    What AJ said. Was expecting a little more “suppressed”. Have heard others that had less sound signature.

  • AJ

    I thought there was supposed to be supressors on the fire arms?????