EMF Great Western II .45lc Buntline

EMF Great Western II Buntline is built by F.LLI Pietta…

EMF Great Western II Buntline is built by F.LLI Pietta in Italy. Holster by Chisholm’s Trail Leather, clothing courtesy of Classic Old West Styles.

MANY WESTERN GUNS HAVE BECOME FAMOUS because of their equally famous or infamous owners, but few 19th century handguns have become famous solely by virtue of their existence. The most notable example appeared in the year of our nation’s Centennial Celebration in 1876. That spring, Philadelphia was astir with the excitement of anticipation as a whole nation well prepared by months of publicity, awaited the May 10th opening of the International Exposition at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. As thousands of Americans waited to enter the grounds, they could see the vast Main Exhibition Building. Beyond were the towers and expanse of Machinery Hall, the Gothic “barns” of Agricultural Hall, the arabesque architectural intricacies of Horticultural Hall, the art galleries of Memorial Hall, and 24 state and many other buildings covering 236 acres of exhibits and exhibition grounds. The Colt’s Firearms Manufacturing Company prepared a massive display cabinet featuring 18 specially engraved Single Action Army models arranged in a central pinwheel. Among other new
models displayed in the great cabinet was a very special Single Action Army fitted with an exceptionally long barrel. It represented one of several changes made to the SAA during the 1870s. The model has come to be known as the “Buntline Special”.

Among Colt models, the Buntline is a unique, limited edition revolver with its own history and more than a few tales that have become intertwined with the folklore of the American West. It is named after dime novelist Ned Buntline, a pseudonym for newspaperman and playwright Edward Zane Carroll Judson. Buntline, incidentally, is a nautical term for a rope at the bottom of a square sail. Judson had served as a midshipman and thought the name was catchy. Apparently he was right.

As a newspaper columnist and dime novelist Ned Buntline helped create Buffalo Bill Cody’s reputation through books and short stories. He even wrote and co-starred in the first play in which famed US cavalry scouts Texas Jack Omohundro and Buffalo Bill Cody appeared in March 1872.

Despite the renown, infamous or otherwise of his 400 odd dime novels, Ned Buntline is best remembered for the celebrity he brought Colt’s special 16-inch SAA models. These unusual, long-barrel Colts with flat top straps, folding leaf rear sights, and detachable skeleton shoulder stocks, were purportedly presented by Buntline as gifts to some of the more famous members of the Dodge City Peace Commission, including Wyatt Earp, Charlie Bassett, Bat Masterson, and Bill Tilghman.

The finish on the GWII Buntline is a highly polished bright dark blue, contrasted by a deep color casehardened frame and hammer, and polished dark blue screws. The backstrap and triggerguard are also finished in a high polish dark blue. Adding the Ultra Stag grips sets everything off handsomely.

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