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Tactical-Life.com will be providing exclusive daily coverage from SHOT Show…

Tactical-Life.com will be providing exclusive daily coverage from SHOT Show 2013 ALL WEEK! As the show continues, we’ll provide a sneak peek at some of the latest and greatest products and advancements in military, law enforcement, personal defense and outdoor sporting equipment—all on display at the industry’s premier annual showcase in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada…

Daniel Defense V7 300


Daniel Defense has added another 300 AAC Blackout carbine to their lineup with the V7 300. This is a 16-inch-barreled weapon with an S2W contour. The total package weighs 7.3 pounds unloaded. To power the direct gas impingement system, the V7 300 has a carbine-length gas system. To get a handle on it, the V7 is fitted with a 12-inch Modular Float Rail. For protection, the barrel has been salt-bath nitride-coated. To stabilize either subsonic or high-velocity loads, the barrel is rifled with 1:8-inch twist. Among the standard parts in a DD weapon is a Carpenter 158 steel mil-spec bolt that is MPI HPT tested, as well as a chrome-lined carrier and gas key (danieldefense.com).

Daniel Defense M4v4 SBR


This AccuSport distributor exclusive wears an 11.5-inch government-profile barrel. Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, it is powered with a carbine-length gas system. Its 1:7-inch twist barrel is chrome-lined and magnetic-particle tested. The barrel is optimized with an erosion-dampening gas port (danieldefense.com).

Daniel Defense Integrally Suppressed Rifle


Daniel Defense’s Integrally Suppressed Rifle (ISR) adds the benefit of a silencer on a short-barreled AR without added expense. Since the total length of this weapon’s integrally suppressed barrel is more than 16 inches, it only requires one $200 NFA tax stamp to transfer ownership. Comparatively, an SBR with a separate silencer requires a separate $200 tax stamp for an ATF-registered SBR lower receiver. The system is powered with pistol-length gas system, and it is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. To cover the suppressor, the ISR wears a modular 12-inch modular Float Rail handguard. The barrel is optimized with an erosion-dampening gas port (danieldefense.com).

Kel-Tec SU-16 in .300 AAC Blackout


Kel-Tec’s SU-16 C and CA will soon be available chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. The SU-16’s chrome-lined and parkerized barrel measures 16 inches and is threaded .62-24 TPI. The barrel’s twist rate is SAAMI spec. The 300 BLK-chambered models will not feature the usual fold-out style forend but a compact version with underneath Picatinny rail. Its weight unloaded is 4.7 pounds. Its overall length is 35.9 inches extended and 25.5 inches folded. Magazine capacity is 10 rounds with factory mags, and it accepts M16-type magazines (keltecweapons.com).

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