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Technoframes In the world of safe gun storage, Technoframes is…



In the world of safe gun storage, Technoframes is certainly providing a fresh look at the good idea of gun safety. The standard Gun/Ammo Box is clear, and looks absolutely fantastic. Doubling as a display case and a storage method, the Gun Box is fully customizable for your particular platform, whether it’s a tray of watches or a pair of 1911 handguns. (technoframes.com)

Library Book Safe


If you’re looking for an inconspicuous way to hide a gun, the Library Book Safe from Homak Security could be your answer. Placed spine out on a bookshelf, the Book Safe blends in perfectly with your copy of The Complete History of Corvis Minor and any other books on your book shelf. Constructed of steel with a concealed full length piano hinge, the Library Book Safe is a great way to hide valuables or a firearm in plain sight. (homaksecurity.com)

Sportlock LLC


For frequent travelers, dealing with TSA regulations for a case can be a huge pain. Sportlock LLC has their Life Jacket Model, which meets TSA regulations for “lockable hard case” and can be put on a firearm to be checked through security to your final destination. The Sportlock Life Jacket LJ-1 fits around the trigger guard of the gun, and has proven to be tamper resistant for up to 2 minutes in testing. (sportlockllc.com)

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