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Hornady Critical Defense Though meant for recoil-sensitive people, the 90-grain…

Hornady Critical Defense


Though meant for recoil-sensitive people, the 90-grain FTX loads in Hornady’s new .38 Special Critical Defense Lite ammunition should find favor with men wearied by magnums. Other new Critical Defense loads for 2013 include .32 NAA, .327 Federal, .30 Carbine and .410 Triple Defense. All feature low-flash propellants. The .410 round, tailored for long-chambered revolvers like the Taurus Judge, combines two cold-swaged, high-antimony lead balls behind an unjacketed FTX slug in a 2.5-inch hull. Lethal. (hornady.com)

Hornady Critical Duty


If, like me, you’re one of the millions of 1911 enthusiasts, then you’ll want to try Hornady’s new 220-grain Critical Duty ammo for the .45 ACP. Unlike Critical Defense rounds, designed for in-home use, the Critical Duty line boasts FlexLock bullets with an Interlock band to enhance penetration. After tests in heavy clothing, sheet metal, wallboard, plywood and auto glass, these “+P” loads meet FBI performance requirements. The nickeled hulls feature sealed mouths, primer pockets and low-flash propellants. (hornady.com)

Hornady Heavy Magnum Coyote


As if hunting mice in snow weren’t hardship enough, coyotes must now contend with Hornady’s new Heavy Magnum Coyote, a 3-inch, 12-gauge loads with 1.5 ounces of nickel-plated BBs or 00 buckshot. The Versatite wad cradling this hefty payload strips easily away to keep shot strings short and patterns tight. Evading a barrage of Heavy Magnum Coyote doesn’t guarantee safety, though. Hornady has a 15.5-grain NTX load for the .17 Hornet. Better suited for prairie dogs, it will no doubt floor some coyotes who can’t run 3,870 feet per second. (hornady.com)

Nosler AccuBond Long Range and Trophy Grade Long Range


Now hunters with the skill to take big game from far away have more bullet options. Nosler’s new AccuBond Long Range line includes seven charter offerings: .264 (129 grains), .270 (150 grains), .284 (150 grains), .284 (168 grains), .284 (175 grains), .30 (190 grains) and .30 (210 grains). With G1 ballistic coefficients of .561 to .730, these flat-flying, polymer-tipped missiles combine a long ogive and a tapered heel with a bonded core that ensures deep penetration and high weight retention. If they shoot as well as the original AccuBonds—which have just added a 125-grain .308 for the likes of the 300 AAC Blackout—they’ll rank with the most accurate of hunting bullets. Nosler has gone one better with Trophy Grade Long Range ammunition, offering the new bullets in 11 cartridges, from the 6.5-284 to the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum, including the .280 Ackley Improved. (nosler.com; 800-285-3701)

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