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Savage B.MAG The big news at Savage is a petite…

Savage B.MAG


The big news at Savage is a petite rifle called the B.MAG. Chambered for the just-announced .17 Winchester Super Magnum, a rimfire cartridge that spits 20-grain bullets at 3,000 fps, this 4 ½-pound, synthetic-stocked rifle combines rimfire and centerfire features. The rotary magazine holds eight rounds. The B.MAG’s rear-locking bolt cocks on closing. Headspaced like a centerfire rifle, the B.MAG is stronger than its slender lines suggest. And you can shoot it accurately, thanks to Savage’s AccuTrigger. Retailing for $349, the B.MAG is slated to reach dealer shelves during the second quarter of 2013. (savagearms.com)

McMillan Modular Rifle


McMillan, noted for its super-accurate hunting and tactical rifles, and for high-quality synthetic stocks used throughout the shooting industry, has introduced a modular bolt-action rifle. It features steel and synthetic components, a compact profile and a suppressor. The stock is, predictably, adjustable. It’s also more comfortable than it looks! Chambered in .308, the new rifle accepts magazines suited to AR-10 rifles. Expect better accuracy and less muzzle flip than the carbine-length barrel suggests! (mcmillanusa.com)

Norma’s Kalahari


Norma of Sweden has been serving U.S. shooters since the 1950s, when it began loading ammo for Weatherby. Norma powders, bullets and centerfire rifle cartridges have earned a great following, though distribution has sometimes lagged demand. The brand has a much higher profile now, as Norma PH loads for dangerous game, with Woodleigh bullets, have become an industry standard. Last year Norma introduced its Kalahari line – cartridges with nickel-plated gilding metal hollowpoints for plains game and deer and elk hunters Stateside. The bullets are not sold as components. Very accurate in my tests, Kalahari ammunition is now reaching dealers. It comes in a growing range of popular chamberings. (norma.cc)

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