EVEN MORE SHOT Show 2013 Coverage – LIVE From the Floor!

Sig Sauer MPX One of the cooler tactical rifles introduced…

Sig Sauer MPX


One of the cooler tactical rifles introduced at this year’s Show. Fans of 9mm carbines have a lot to consider with the new MPX from Sig Sauer. Designed to supersede every other 9mm submachine gun on the market, the MPX offers full AR-style controls, down to the retractable dust cover, and complete Sig-style reliability. Law enforcement and military versions are available in compact select-fire modes, but a fully legal civilian semi-auto 16-inch version, with a short barrel and a permanently attached “muzzle break” that can easily be suppressed, is also available. The MPX can quickly be converted from 9mm to .40 S&W and .357 SIG, and it includes either a folding or collapsible stock (sigsauer.com).

Black Rifle Company BRC Carbine


Black Rifle Company’s carbine ARs feature an extremely innovative completely folding stock design that allows for a traditional direct gas-impingement system. Their full-billet, hard-anodized 14.5-inch carbine with pinned flash hider is extremely compact and includes a traditional six-position collapsible stock. The stock is also foldable, as mentioned, for storage and transport (the gun should not be fired with the stock folded). An adapter was added to a standard bolt carrier and to the rear of the receiver, allowing any AR lower to accept the BRC’s configuration (blackriflecompany.com).

Knight’s Armament SR-30


Knight’s Armament SR-30 brings full-scale quality to the increasingly popular 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. The round was developed by necking a standard .223 case to .30 caliber in order to deliver 7.62x36mm performance out to 300 meters with sub-sonic ammunition. Knight’s ekes out the maximum performance of this round with their new SR-30, which features a stainless-steel, 16-inch, 1-in-7-inch-twist-rate, free-floated barrel system and match two-stage trigger. The rifle also includes ambidextrous controls for maximum versatility (knightarmco.com).

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