With Independence Day here again, it’s time to look at…

With Independence Day here again, it’s time to look at a beautiful blade that was forged right here in our country. A staff member of commissioned custom knifemaker Steve Woods to produce just such a work of art for her family. It has turned out to be a gift of a lifetime!

Steve is one of those true renaissance men many of us can only wish we were as good as. Along with being on the short list of top commercial photographers in the country, he is an IPSC (International Practical Shooting Conference) Grand Master shooter. In fact, few people are as at home with just about any kind of firearm as Steve. A decade or so ago, he became passionately devoted to yet another pastime, custom knife making. Like everything Steve does, he refuses to compromise on any part of the process and each blade he turns out is first-class in materials and workmanship from the ground up.

In 2005, he received his American Bladesmith Society Journeyman blade stamp and he is actively working toward his Mastersmith stamp. As a proud American, he has donated many of his own knives to the “Knives for Soldiers” program and his blades have been carried in combat on both the Iraq and Afghanistan fronts. One of his best buddies died in the fight for our country, and Steve’s done a lot in his world of photography, and personally, to recognize U.S. veterans and law enforcement personnel whenever possible.

We had asked Steve to use his camera skills to do a step-by-step photo essay on the creation of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece; it occurred to Steve that he also had the makings of an excellent instructional DVD for the aspiring knifemaker. So the following series of photos is actually more of a preview of the new how-to video the maker will be releasing in the very near future. We should probably also point out, though, that Steve told me he has accumulated something like $50,000 worth of shop equipment. Needless to say, it is going to take a little more than simply watching his DVD to produce a knife of the same quality as he does.

Click through the following pages for special behind-the-scenes look at how a custom knife is built.

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  • Patrick Claybrook

    I recieved one of Steve’s knives as a gift. I can honestly say it’s the nicest knife I’ve ever owned. A very thoughtful gift and one of my prized possessions!! If you like quality, you’ll love Steve’s knives.

  • Ron Albers

    I own a Hide Fighter (fixed blade) made by Mr. Woods. The quality and workmanship of this knife is unsurpassed. I was so impressed after receiving my Fighter I purchased a second to give to a young soldier being deployed to Iraq.

  • Joe Turchi

    I was the recipient of this amazing knife , it is truly the fathers day gift of a lifetime.
    The craftsmanship and details that went in to making this knife are second to none.
    Thank you Steve for all your time and effort and most of all thank you to my beautiful wife Shirley for a gift I will treasure for a lifetime.