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  • Lessing, Ingo

    @Steven: good ideas but i favor the selector, so i can choose between different types of ammo, e.g. lethal – non-lethal, buckshot or slugs.
    jeff cooper said that if you haven’t got any success after one clip of ammo, call the arty…
    well 6 rounds of buckshot should solve any trouble or you are really in the wrong part of town!

  • Mr.Pimms

    Perfect for my next deer season. LOL

  • John Gaddis

    BTW: $800.00 is a bit much for it. For that I would go with a Saiga 12 with a 20 round drum….

  • John Gaddis

    Hell they are already 1 year behind production and they are not even producing any on the line yet…


  • Lessing, Ingo

    looks excellent and compact to carry as a second gun. but the design looks coincidentally like the south african truvelo-neostead shotgun…?!
    sadly this one also dissapeared again. hope this one will make it.

  • Maybe Kel Tec can get their KSG high capacity shotgun out to market. The SRM Arms High-Capacity Model 1216 Rotary-Mag Semi-Auto Combat Shotgun sure never got off the ground. It’s been years now that we have been waiting for it. I hope Kel Tec gets on it and produces the KSG. I think this KSG will replace my Remington 870 Police. Go Kel Tec! The only future improvements that I would like to see is a automatic switch over from one feed tube to the other, with out having to throw a switch manually and a semi-auto future model would also be very cool too.

  • Richard

    Nice some thing excite new in combat shotgun world.