Glock 21 SF: Bred for Battle | Glock 45

Experience, Ammo & New Gun On The Firing Line Here’s the Glock 21SF, a newly introduced .45, tested and proven more accurate in any-sized hand!

Dan Hawk has spent more than 20 years as a firearms instructor for the Pennsylvania State Police, one of the largest and oldest law enforcement organizations in the nation. He has trained State Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies and detectives on everything from Colt .38 Special Official Police revolvers and Ruger Security Six .357 Magnums to Beretta and GLOCK semi-autos. When it comes to the latter, he is one of the most vocal supporters of the Austrian-built pistols. His was one of a dozen voices in 2006 that contributed to Pennsylvania’s state troopers being equipped with GLOCKs chambered in .45 G.A.P.

The last issue pistol carried by the PA State Police was the Beretta Brigadier in .40, a DAO version of the Model 92FS with a heavier slide to reduce felt recoil. The adoption of the GLOCK semi-auto in .45 G.A.P. begins a new era for the officers who patrol the highways of the Keystone State.

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  • kidon

    It’s always the same story: 9mm/40SW/45ACP – I don’t get this issue about the “right” caliber. This is so USA ! Nothing but 45. Well, it is worth to mention that the rest of SF world for example is issued with 9mm and they don’t bother to wonder if is good enough.
    So, at the end, just live with it. It’s not the caliber but the shooter that makes the difference.
    For your record, I know LEO issued with an “anaemic” Beretta 84F (380 ACP) that literally beated the snake out of several criminals.

  • Ken

    Heard a rumor that due to inability to procure adequate ammunition and individuals complaining about the same ability to purchase off the shelf ammo that the PSP are considering a switch to the G21SF.