The 2011 U.S. SWAT Sniper Championships (USSSC), held October 17…

The 2011 U.S. SWAT Sniper Championships (USSSC), held October 17 and 18 at the United States Shooting Academy, was hosted by the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sheriff’s Office. Thirty-one tactical precision rifle teams competed in five difficult stages during the annual sniper competition. This year’s winner was Oklahoma County’s first sniper team, with eight points separating them from the second place La Plata County.


Dr. Jack O’Conner and Rick Porter, who designed the difficult stages to realistically challenge each shooter, headed the competition. Complicated by distractions of physical exertion, time stress, and essential communications, shooters were definitely placed outside their comfort zones for tough shots. The difficult events for USSSC included:

• The Schmidt & Bender “Run and Gun” had each two-man team taking shots from unknown distances and awkward positions after running through and around obstacles.

• The JP Enterprises “By the Numbers” challenge required the spotter and sniper to shoot, observe and communicate to drop specific targets.

• The LaRue “Precision Rifle Challenge” had each sniper and his spotter work as a team to uncover targets less than 2 inches wide (a poker chip).

• The NightForce “Sniper Hide” required the sniper and spotter to observe and engage specific targets ranging from 2-inch clay targets to poppers and propeller plate racks at different distances—in complete darkness.

• The Woolrich “Bullet Relay” had a course of fire that was complicated by the fact that each shooter was forced to make several trips to get ammo for his or her teammate.

Some of the stages also required competitors to carry their scoped weapons, ammo and an unwieldy 165-pound dummy while crawling through and over barricades, walls and tunnels in their call-out gear.


The U.S. SWAT Sniper Championships concluded in great fashion with the overall standings decided on the last event—almost the last shot. The Dallas PD sniper team took third, while the defending champs, Canadian Bruce Power and his partner, took fourth and the great guys of the Minneapolis PD team claimed fifth. Overall, it was a great event, and all the competitors had a great time.


Look for more information on for the results of a full week of special operations competition here in Tulsa.



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  • Randy Retter

    The Richmond, IN SWAT sniper team (of which I was one of the two competitors) tied Minneapolis, MN team for fifth place. This was our first time competing in this event and I have to say it was a great time. The facility was one of the best I’ve ever been to and the courses were challenging, but fun. We will definitely try to attend next year.

    Be safe.