Kel-Tec KSG Short-Barreled Shotgun – VIDEO

Short-barreled shotguns have ruled the roost when it comes to…

Short-barreled shotguns have ruled the roost when it comes to tactical team breaching shotguns for years. Most are task-specific, requiring transition to a rifle or pistol. Typically using pistol grip stocks and forends they can be difficult to shoot, especially if circumstances dictate an immediate need to engage a threat. Shooting any long gun without a stock in real life tactical situations is problematic—shotguns more so. It seems Kel-Tec may have provided a solution to this dilemma.

The Standard Kel-Tec shotgun is a bullpup with an 18.5-inch barrel. Lightweight, it has an overall length of 26.1 inches making it versatile. Twin tubes allow for 12 rounds plus the one in the chamber. Very handy, but they also make a shorter version using a 13.7 inch barrel and twin four-round tubes. As an NFA weapon it is designed for Law Enforcement, or those able to lawfully possess restricted weapons after proper NFA paperwork is processed. Redefining short, it is really short, and looks to be well suited to this and other entry tasks.

This short video provides an idea of how it works, and a complete review is coming to Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement soon. Take a look at the video, and make sure you pick up the complete review and see if it works was well as it looks. For those still using shotguns for breaching, or simply want an incredibly compact 12 gauge the KEL-TEC KSG SBS may be just the ticket.

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