Short-Barreled 6.8 SPC Semi-Auto Now Available For Civilians!

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    The LWRC Six8 UCIW is a purpose-built M4 platform in the popular 6.8 SPC cartridge. Shown is a selective-fire version for government/ military sales. An SBR and a 16-inch, non-NFA rifle are planned.
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    A four-prong flash suppressor was designed by LWRC to optimize flash reduction and muzzle control.
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    The backup front sight is similar to an HK design with the semicircular guard that indexes on the rear aperture.
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LWRC International prides itself on quality and innovation. Founded with the goal of producing “a better AR rifle,” the company has developed a short-stroke gas-piston operating system to replace the original direct impingement operation of the M16/AR-15. A piston system is considered, by most, to improve reliability and extend service life, making for a rifle that warfighters, law enforcement officers and sportsmen can depend on.

Based in Cambridge, Maryland, LWRC has grown to occupy over 250,000 square feet that house an array of state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC centers, laser-cutting machines, screw machines and robotic welders—a recent contract lead to LWRC’s nearly doubling in size. The company now has the capacity to meet both the terms of overseas customers and the demands of the U.S. commercial market.

The LWRC’s operating system is based on a patented self-regulating short-stroke piston system that eliminates the injection of hot gases and carbon particles into the receiver and bolt carrier group. This not only reduces debris buildup but also keeps the bolt carrier group and other parts from being subjected to super-heated gases, thus bringing longer service life to the parts and improved handling due to the reduction in recoil and muzzle rise.

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