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Good Hollywood Star: Tom Selleck should be no stranger to…

tommy.jpgGood Hollywood Star: Tom Selleck should be no stranger to our readers, from his star stints as Magnum P.I. on TV in the 1980s to many a gun-owner’s favorite western, Quigley Down Under. On top of being an excellent actor, Tom has also been one of the most vocal pro-gun voices in America. A board member of the NRA, Selleck has tried to stress realism and responsibility where possible in his projects. In his newest small-screen incarnation, Selleck can be seen as Police Chief Jesse Stone in a series of CBS-TV movies of the week. It was in two of his latest projects that Selleck received praise and criticism from watchful TW reader D. Larson, a security specialist in Newmarket, VA.

Good—Stone Cold: This 2005 telefilm was the first adaptation of author Robert B. Parker’s (of Spenser fame) Jesse Stone novels. Tom Selleck plays Stone, the new Police Chief of Paradise, MA. I must disclose that Stone Cold was written by your faithful TW columnist, and can attest that Mr. Selleck was keen on the gun stuff being correct. He chose to have the character carry a 1911 as it is his favorite pistol. As our TW reader points out: “In the first one, Stone Cold Tom Selleck shoots a bad guy and after a couple of seconds during which he scans the scene you clearly see him remove his finger from the trigger and place it in the ready position back on the frame. Very admirable.”

Bad—Death in Paradise:
TW reader D. Larson’s admiration did not hold for Death in Paradise, the third of the Selleck “Jesse Stone” flicks: “I was watching Tom Selleck in Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise. He and his fellow officer known as “Suitcase” are on the range sighting in an AR-15 with an Aimpoint Comp M-3 on it. Tom tells Suit to “Give it two more clicks to the left” and Suit promptly adjusts the elevation and then shoots a perfect cloverleaf in the bull’s eye. The POV through the spotting scope shows absolutely perfectly round bullet holes that must have been at least .40-.45 cal. in diameter and I don’t think he was shooting a .458 SOCOM, since he was adjusting the scope with a .223/5.56×45 round!”

Keep your scopes set for gun gaffes and if we use your observations in an upcoming column of Bad Hollywood in TW, we will have someone pay you for them!

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  • Justin Lubin

    Great! I love the way Bad Hollywood exposes the anti-gun hypocrites in LALA-land! Keep up the good work! Those Alien Vs Predator movies suck for military accuracy!

  • Ronnie Conrad

    I’m a 52 year old Gun Enthuist & movie lover. I see a lot of mistakes in movies but it does not take away from the movie..IT’S A MOVIE! I just want entertainment, hell I get enough reality in every day life.There are 2 kind of movies? Fiction…non-fiction. Just enjoy & don’t fret the small stuff:)