NY Police Power Up | Glock 37 .45 GAP

When the order came in for 5,400 GLOCK 37 pistols…

When the order came in for 5,400 GLOCK 37 pistols in .45 G.A.P from the New York State Police, it was business as usual for the famed gun manufacturer. For New York State Police, however, it was the latest chapter in a history of practical and innovative adoption of high-efficiency firearms for the protection of the troopers and the public alike.

glock4.jpgWith Georgia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania State Police already issuing the GLOCK 37 as standard, and with the troopers Kansas looking very closely at adopting it, the New York State Police adoption of the 37 means that roughly 10% of America’s State P.D.s may soon be carrying .45 G.A.P.s. (It’s actually slightly over 10% since only 49 states have troopers; Hawaii does not have a State P.D. per se.) The .45 G.A.P. has clearly come a very long way since it’s inception not too long ago.

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  • Mike G.

    My post sent before I was finished. I was going to say that I am trying to get on SCHP and shoot a .45, so this will help me I think. Good to know this.

  • Mike G.

    I was not aware that the SCHP has switched from the .40 Glock to the Glock 37 in .45 G.A.P.