Olympic Shooting Update: Day 5

Women’s 25m Pistol Records at this year’s Olympics in Beijing…

gold.gifWomen’s 25m Pistol
Records at this year’s Olympics in Beijing continue to be threatened. China’s Chen Ying won the only shooting event on Day 5, Women’s 25m Pistol. At the end of the qualification round, Chen was five points behind rival Gundegmaa Otryad from Mongolia. Chen came back in the final and tied the Olympic record with a final score of 590.

The event wasn’t without drama, however. Otryad’s pistol locked up during the competition. Chen was oblivious to the problem and continued adding points to the score board. After fixing her pistol, Otryad only scored 49 points in five shots as Chen extended her lead by 1.9 points.

callahan.gifThe top shooter from USA Shooting was Libby Callahan who finished in 25th place. At 56 years old, Callahan is the oldest known American woman to compete for the United States at the Olympic games. She completed Women’s 25m Pistol with a 575.

After the competition, Callahan said, “I made some mental errors that cost me from being competitive in the match. I am really disappointed, but I have enjoyed being here in Beijing for the Olympics and overall it’s been a great experience.”

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