OSI Incorporated’s OSS Mission Rifle Suppression System (video)

It is really not that often something in the suppressor…

It is really not that often something in the suppressor world comes along that is truly new and innovative. There are just so many ways you can “suppress” a rifle round and most a seem to be simply variations on a theme. So, when asked to test the new OSS Mission suppressor system a few questions came up. It is a modular system that incorporates different pieces. You can make it as quiet as needed, but it is billed as zero back pressure.


So, does it really have zero back pressure? That would make a huge difference with many operating systems. Does it truly have no change in the point of impact? That is easily one of the most often expressed issues with suppressors on carbines and entry guns especially when they come loose.

Does it “shoot loose” under hard and sustained fire, and if it does not do you need a wrench to get it off when you are done? The video gives you an idea, but how does it do in the real test? All these questions get answered in an upcoming article in Special Weapons for Military and Police, so please take the time to take a look!

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