Predator Tactical Night Shrike .45 ACP

Custom-built 1911 with enhanced touches and lightning-fast reloads!

Customers can order customized engraving on the slide flats of their Night Shrike.

Starting a new company to manufacture 1911 pistols makes as much sense to me as starting a new AR-manufacturing company—the market is just too saturated with companies building the same style of guns and chasing the same dollars. Matt Burkett of Predator Tactical has a plan and begs to differ, however.

While many readers will recognize Matt Burkett as a guest instructor on the History Channel’s popular Top Shot show, he’s achieved worldwide success as a pistol and 3-Gun competitor with a list of titles and championships that are only surpassed by the numbers of elite military and law enforcement units that he has trained.

The Night Shrike is a 4-inch defense gun with an alloy frame.

“My philosophy is to do things well and do them right, and then back it up with unmatched customer service. After all, it’s my name and reputation on the company. Scot Towner and Lynn Harrison convinced me that we could do something right that no one else has been able to do. Between the two of them, they have 25 to 30 years of experience building 1911s,” said Burkett.

I was at the Tempe, Arizona, manufacturing facility of Predator Tactical, attempting to discover what would set this new brand apart from other 1911 companies. “Look,” said Burkett, “I don’t want to build 10,000 guns a year. I’ll be happy building just 300 to 400 guns and being able to maintain my level of customer service.”

Weighing just 30 ounces, the Night Shrike epitomizes what every carry gun should be.

The topic of my meeting this day with Burkett was to discuss Predator Tactical’s newest pistol, the Night Shrike. It’s a 4-inch barreled 1911 pistol built on an alloy frame for weight savings and incorporates the new Predator Tactical magazine well.

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  • Jason Metcalfe

    I was visiting the Predator Tactical office during the time of this photoshoot. Not only was the whole team super friendly, but they took the time to share lots of competiton suggestions, gun suggestions and tricks of the trade with me, a relatively new shooter with a 1911. Matt challenged me to take any of his guns, we are talking brand new, just finished, and unfired… and run them with a few boxes of ammo to test fire them… One of them may have been this very gun. So under Matt’s supervision I took 4 guns that were randomly seleced from the batch, and a video camera, and hit the range with the Predator team. These pistols were flawless. End of story…

    Not only did they have incredible fit and finish, but they ran perfectly. Not a single problem. I even changed the magazines between guns and they still ran perfectly. While it might have been psychological, and Matt’s tips and supervision couldnt have hurt, with all different types of .45 ammo I never encountered a malfunction, and I was shooting more accurately and father with a handgun then ever before. Smooth action, glass like finish, and masterful construction by Scot and Lynn. Thanks Again for the tour guys!! A canadian…

  • kurt

    Its so pretty!