Sneak Peek: Red Creek Tactical Tomahawk CQTC (video)

Red Creek Tactical and Operators Suppression Systems (OSS) have joined…

Red Creek Tactical and Operators Suppression Systems (OSS) have joined forces to develop a new integrated 458 SOCOM rifle system. The Red Creek built the rifle using the latest and best parts while OSS provided a custom suppressor designed to go over the barrel, thereby keeping the overall package very compact. The OSS system provides a modular suppression system that allows the operator to choose the level of suppression based on the mission. Called the Tomahawk CQTC, this system provides for some serious close-quarter punch.



The CQTC utilizes the best components available and maintains solid balance and weight. Integrating the suppressor from the ground up allowed for it to be fitted inside the handguard, making for an incredibly clean look. The real question—does it work, and how does it shoot?


Take a look at this short video to get an idea. It certainly packs a punch, as is evident from the 10-round rapid-fire string. Keep an eye out for complete tests and evaluations in upcoming issues of Special Weapons for Military & Police and The Complete AR Rifleman.

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  • rsilvers

    “Can the 300 Blackout be useed for breching or stop a car?” Absolutely. You shoot the driver.

  • ERB

    Maybe you should wait to read the full article. The 300 Blackout doesnt have a 480gr frangible for breaching and entry or a 300gr solid which in several LE demos stopped the engine of a running Ford Taurus.Can the 300 Blackout be useed for breching or stop a car?
    In addition, the OSS suppressor system provide no additional back-pressure and is no longer than the 16″ barrel with flash hider. The 16″ gun also has recoil suppression that the SBR doesnt. Also, the tech in the OSS suppressors obsoletes everything else on the market, yes, even AAC… Also the author spent over adcade as a SWAT commander and having tested the system doesnt agree with you.

  • CBec

    ehh..its neat and all but really wont catch on for LE work. If you wanted for punch in an AR platform you’d be better off with the 300BLKOUT and still have 30 rd capabilities with less recoil.