Remington R12 Police Semi-Auto Shotgun Review

The Remington R12 Police Semi-Auto is an ultra-fast scattergun designed for mean-streets performance (with video).

Remington’s innovative Versa Max shotgun has been out for a while and a tactical version is in the works, but new from Remington Defense is the R12 Police version of the Versa Max, which we recently had a chance to test. Like the standard Versa Max, the R12 uses a unique gas system that allows for reliable semi-auto fire using a mix of ammo from 2¾-inch to 3.5-inch 12-gauge shells.


This Versa Port gas system also significantly reduces perceived recoil, is self-cleaning and makes the gun much more controllable even in rapid fire. The Police R12 will be available with a standard 18-inch barrel version or with a 14-inch barrel, and both feature extended magazine tubes. As the video shows, it is possible to load seven rounds in the short version. Other features will include ghost ring sights and a length of Picatinny rail on top of the receiver for optics.


The newly designed handguard will also include accessory rails at the three, six, and nine o’clock positions, which can be removed if so preferred. Standard and pistol-gripped stocks will also be available. In firing, the recoil was extremely comfortable even using full-power loads. Look for a full review in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement. For more information, visit or call 800-243-9700.



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  • Steve E

    That super low recoil is sweet, but OOPS, You just eliminated or suppressed some bad guys then ran out of ammo VeraMan. ( clock ticking as you hustle more rounds into your “shuck n chuck” antiquated load and un-load system.

    Meanwhile back on the hot seat I just slapped another 10 round mag in my Saiga in 2.5 seconds and keep suppressing & eliminating the bad guys waiting for You to catch up.

    Of course that ‘if’ My 20 round drum is not being used ‘wink’

    Leave the Vera for the hunter / skeet shooters and the Saiga for urban defense/offense and war.

  • Kyle

    Looks nice love the pictures

  • AJ

    very sweet!! Cant wait