Sandy Hook Tragedy

We at Tactical-Life Offer Our Condolences for the Lives Lost Today in Connecticut

Image: Steve and Sara/Flickr

Today’s tragedy, the classroom massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. is horrible beyond the power of words to express. Though little is known, we can say this: The death of single child, let alone dozens, is a loss for us all—robbing from our world some piece of its future, its hope, its serenity, its joy. To see so monstrous an act visited on so cherished a sanctuary—where our children learn, where our friends and relatives teach—is an experience that shakes us to our social and personal foundations.

We at Harris Publications—the entire team of writers, photographers, editors and staff — offer our condolences to the survivors and family members of the children and educators who lost their lives today. We stand by you in your grief, though we shrink from contemplating the enormity of it. God bless you.

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