Shaddox .50 Cal Ammo Carrier

If you shoot fifty caliber rifles then I don’t need…

If you shoot fifty caliber rifles then I don’t need to tell you about the weight and mass of your ammunition. Once you have adapted your combat load to carry enough ammo for the mission you will face the next issue. How to carry those loaded magazines and the extra ammunition that is not loaded in a magazine, silently, securely and accessible.

Once compressed inside the heavy magazine, fifty caliber cartridges do not emit any noise at all, but inside their box they rattle loudly. Worst of all, when half empty, the heavy boxes move around like crazy and generate even more noise. I have tried all kinds of pouches for the 1.84 Kg heavy Barrett magazines and standard ten round ammo boxes, plastic or carton, but only a couple actually worked. The best: Tactical Taylor medical kit pouch, inside which the full box or Barrett ten round magazine fits like a glove and does not move at all.

Even with your magazines secured inside the pouches, the problem still lies in the terrible noise the rattling ammo you carry in boxes make. You will need to load all your ammo in magazines of face detection and if you fire a non magazine loaded rifle, then all of you ammo will be loose and noisy. Not anymore, as Shaddox Tactical has addressed the issue and designed a carrier with the tactical operator in mind.

Clayton Shaddox has an extensive Special Operations background. A Ranger himself, he recognized the problem and found a way to carry the ammo silently, but ready at hand. The idea is not new, as elastic carriers have been with us for ages, but his novel approach is unique.


To hold the massive carrier it has a 1” webbing handle and it´s size is perfect to fit inside the sniper´s BDU pockets. It is big enough so that it fits snugly inside and still slides out easily when you pull the handle. The carrier is made out from Cordura 1000, heavily reinforced in the sides and corners with nylon tape . The front face has sewn double elastic 1 ½” bands that secure each round in its position. The cartridges are inserted each one opposite to the other to avoid side play on the big case shoulders and the tips are in plain view so can select the load to pick.

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