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  • GreenGlock

    Personally, For a semi-auto 12 ga. my choice is the FNH SLP which has 2 great advantages: 1st: it holds 9 rounds of 2 3/4, and 2nd: its FNH!
    Kel Tec can ot and will never be my choice of weapon to depend my life on. They are American made yeah but with “made in korea” kind of design (IMHO) mention the attitude of customer dis-service i have had with them and the woman who picks up their phone (Who has NO business working NEAR a gun, not to mention a gun factory-NOT because she’s a female but her total air head knowledge of guns).

    I DO NOT own an FNH shotgun, but if I had MY choice, it would be FN and the SLP at that.

    Even their RFB isnt hitting the sales that they predicted.

  • Fred

    Thank you for not making this a semi auto (no sarcasm)…I will get one as soon as they show up!

  • Nathan

    gustin and justin are both wrong. semi’s and pump’s have exactly the same recoil. there is no difference. keltec should have made it in a semi auto. i’d buy one then. not worth 800 for a pump.

  • Mike

    I’ll take 2 please!

  • Tactical-Life.com

    We were told their goal is late 2011.

  • Rob

    According to the KelTec website, msrp will be $800. That’s awesome. Any idea when it will be available?

  • Justin

    Semi-autos have less recoil.

  • cc19

    I think it’s a cool design, but agree with the others. I think it’d be even better as an auto-loader. Any word on pricing? Because I sure am not going to be willing to pay much for a pump gun, even if it is a unique design.

  • By the time you recover from recoil from a semi you can cycle the action.

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  • Justin

    Dear Kel-tec, thanks for not making it semi-auto! (sarcasm)