Smith and Wesson Galaxy Ray Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool


Smith and Wesson Galaxy Ray Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool
Truly, sometimes good things do come in small packages. There’s nothing worse than being caught in the dark when you need to see what you’re doing. Law enforcement officers and the general populace alike can appreciate this fact of life, and a tiny, powerful light so compact that it can go everywhere on a key ring has obvious value. Smith & Wesson’s new Galaxy Ray light, with an ultra-compact knurled aircraft-aluminum water-resistant body with either black or silver anodized finish, and a recessed lanyard-type attachment point fits the bill nicely. The light is available in either a white or red LED which is surprisingly bright for its size, with a run-time of about 24 hours; after about 2 hours of constant runtime, the brightness drops off to approximately 70%, but continues to run for a full day. The Galaxy Ray comes with a short chain, which may be instantly snapped onto a key ring, belt loop, or any other small diameter attachment point. A similar Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool is also being sold as an accessory to larger personal tactical lights—the Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool has a glass-break tip for home or auto, with a single LED light at the opposite end. A pocket clip helps secure the Micro. It would seem the Micro would also be an attractive stand-alone item, and one can only hope it will be offered for sale as such in the future. For more information, visit, or call 866-258-9090.


ASP FL1 Standard

One of the newest offerings from ASP is their FL1 Standard Tactical Light, part of their Triad family of flashlights. The FL1 is the world’s first micro USB rechargeable tactical lights, making it viable in a myriad of conditions and negating the need to purchase expensive batteries. The light comes replete with zippered nylon case, a car-port and wall-plug adaptor to recharge under almost any circumstances; even if users find themselves working in an overseas capacity, the USB charger will be a universal solution. A European-type wall charger adaptor is an available option. The FL1’s water-resistant body is machined from 6160 aluminum, and features a foam grip for a positive grasp and insulation from heat for the user. This powerful light douses its subject with 300 lumens of white light with a 2-hour runtime and 45-minute recharge time; power comes from a lithium ion battery. (No memory issues) For on-duty carry, the FL1 comes with a polycarbonate holster capable of 360-degree rotation on its mount and adjustable to various belt widths. The FL1 standard gives unparalleled performance for its price point of $125.00 For more information, visit, or call 800-236-6243.



Primary Weapons System’s Mk 109 SBR has proved to be a very popular item among customers this year, along with its longer carbine version. The Mk 109 is a gas-piston gun with a push-rod system, which PWS calls their Long Stroke Gas Piston. This set-up reduces the number of working parts involved, making the pushrod/piston part of the bolt carrier, resulting in improved weapon balance and eliminating carrier tilt. More significantly, the Mk 109 SBR is chambered for the new 300 Blackout round, which amounts to a larger diameter, heavier bullet in the same length case as the 5.56, which means magazines of the same dimensions as the standard 5.56 may be used, while giving similar ballistics to the Russian 7.62×39 round. The Mk 109 is fitted with Magpul MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) T Rail covers, MBUIS (Magpul Back Up Iron Sights) Generation 2 sights, a Bravo Company Mod 4 latch and Gunfighter charging handle, and PWS’ own Triad flash hider which flattens muzzle climb. Retail is $1,699.00 for black hard-coat anodized finish, $1,899.00 for flat-dark earth Cerakote, and is available now. The MK109 SBR and carbine also chamber the 300 Whisper round; the 300 Blackout round is currently being loaded by Remington, Gun Ammo, and Hornady. Visit for more information.


Magpul Shotgun Accessory Line

Magpul’s MOE (Magpul, Original Equipment) SAL (Shotgun Accessory Line) 870 accessories include a fore grip, butt stock and 3 sling mounting points. The foregrip features texturing and front and rear stops, and retails for $29.95; the sling mounts are fixed Melonite-coated mounts and retail for $19.95, and the buttstock is an STR (Storage Type Restricted) MOE unit with an adjustable cheek riser and adjustable length-of-pull (from 12.5 to 14.5 inches) which retails for $99.95. For more information, please visit, or call 877-462-4785.

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