SHOT Show 2011–Day One

From Day One: The Barrett M107 has been the workhorse…

From Day One:


The Barrett M107 has been the workhorse of .50 BMG military sniper rifles for years.  It has been rugged, simple, reliable, and relatively unchanged—but this year Barrett has made some changes to the system many will like.  Along with the FDE color, a super hard PVD coating protects and lubricates. It is not all cosmetic though, an aluminum upper receiver and some titanium parts sheds an impressive four pounds of weight. A new bolt group and fire controls facilitate the addition of the Barrett Suppressor.  To make this transition easy a new muzzle brake is used as well.  All in all these changes make for a meaner and leaner machine, but one with a huge bite! Call 615.896.2938 or visit for more information.


Another Barrett addition this year is the MRAD (Multi Role Adaptive Design)—a rifle that fills the gap between the .308 and .50BMG.  Chambered in .338Lapua (with other calibers will be available at a later date) the Barrett MRAD is of the latest design with a user-adjustable stock that folds for storage or transport. It has ambidextrous controls for smooth operation while maintaining the firing position. It is colored in the latest multi-role brown for multiple environment. The quick-change barrel allows for multi-caliber support in order to support multiple missions. At only 14.5 pounds yet still built to the usual Barrett Military Standard, this rifle can be taken to any mission with complete confidence. Call 615.896.2938 or visit for more information.


BlackHawk has improved their Knoxx shotgun stocks. Gone is the annoying “bell” which could “kiss” your cheek leaving a bruise or red mark. With a new seven-position adjustable straight tube and the Knoxx recoil reduction system, the Specops Stock Gen II also features a redesigned pistol grip which is more tapered and more comfortable to hold.  BlackHawk has also placed quick release sling swivel holes in both sides of the stock as well as a sling strap slot.  To learn more about recoil reduction redesigned, visit or call 800-694-5263.

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  • Fievncer12

    Yep some valid points he had, BUT this is Gen 2 designed to address those issues, so…

  • Justin

    See Nutnfancy’s “Knoxx shotgun stocks suck” YouTube video.