SHOT Show 2011–Day One

YHM has two new Titanium rifle suppressors for the 7.62…


YHM has two new Titanium rifle suppressors for the 7.62 and 5.56. As you would expect from Ti, they are lightweight (at 15 and 12 ounces respectively) and short as well, measuring 8.5 and 6.875 inches.  They each feature a fast attach system via a coarse threaded Phantom flash suppressor and a spring rachet system holds the unit securely in place. The flash suppressor actually provides a two-point tapered mounting surface, insuring perfect alignment. With an Inconel blast baffle for long life, it also worth noting that the 7.62 model is backward compatible with the 5.56 mount.  For a small (1-2dB) reduction in suppression you can use your 7.62 can on your 5.56 rifle as well!To find out more, visit or call 877-892-6533.


SWR has the new Octane 9 pistol suppressor.  This is a 9mm suppressor that the user can now fully takedown for detailed cleaning. Options include the standard stainless steel blast baffle with aluminum stack or a complete stainless steel baffle stack. The aluminium stack is very light in weight, the SS stack can withstand ultrasonic and acetic acid dip cleaning. Full-auto rated, with several mounting adapter options, it also has a built in recoil device to insure perfect functioning.  Also new is the Spectre, a multi caliber suppressor that will work with .22 LR, 17 HMR, .22 WMR and even the FN 5.7!  All stainless, it may be fully disassembled for cleaning.  At only 6” in length, 1 inch in diameter and 8.5 ounces in weight, this is an excellent choice for those with a selection firearms of these calibers in the gun safe. To find our more, visit or call 864-850-3579.


New for 2011, Timney introduces the latest offering in the Remington 700 line of replacement triggers, the Straight Trigger. The Timney Remington 700 Straight Trigger offers the most trouble-free installation imaginable with no screws, drilling, or tapping required.   By simply removing existing pins, replacing trigger, and inserting new pins anyone can replace a trigger on a Remington 700.  The Straight Trigger features a Timney designed safety that blocks the trigger not the sear, which is standard on all Timney Remington 700 replacement triggers.  Adjustable from 1 ½ pounds to 4 pounds, the Straight Trigger will provide a whole new realm of accuracy for you and your Remington 700 rifle.  The Timney Remington 700 Straight Trigger is available in right- or left-handed models with nickel plating available.  Suggested retail starting at $129.95—for more, check out or call 602-274-2999.


This year Brenneke introduced their Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum 12 gauge shotgun slugs. This slug was developed with the military and law enforcement for use in difficult urban environments. The slug canblow through a tough car windshield, punch through clothing and still penetrate 31 inches of FBI Spec ballistic gelatin. It is made of solid antimony and has the strength to punch completely through both sides of a tire and rim, or to blow right through an engine block. Contact Brenneke USA at 800-753-9733,


Black Hills Ammunition has launched a line of steel cased pistol ammunition.  Because of diffiuculty acquiring high quality fired brass, Black Hills was having trouble meeting coustomers’ demands for remanufactured ammunition. Black Hills developed a line of economical, steel cased ammunition to meet that need. The line consists of 9mm with 115-grain bullets in both FMJ and JHP configurations, .40 S&W with 180-grain FMJ or JHP bullets, and .45 ACP loaded with either 185-grain JHP bullets or 230-grain FMJ slugs. Contact Black Hills Ammunition at 605-348-5150,


Wolf Performance Ammunition is introducing a 7.62x54R ammunition. The 7.62x54R is the favored cartridge of Russian military snipers. The new Wolf cartridges will be available with either copper or Bimetal cases. Bullet weights will be 148-grain full metal jacket, 200-grain soft points and 200 grain full metal jackets. Velocity ranges from 2300 fps to 2700 fps depending on bullet choice. This is an outstanding round for either hunting or specialized tactical use. Contact Wolf Performance Ammunition at 888-757-9653,


Southern Ballistic Research (SBR) has introduced a line of lead free, frangible bullets called “GreenMatch”. The GreenMatch line uses “Sinterfire brand bullets made of a copper/tin composite material that offers controlled frangibility. Sinterfire bullets crumble to dust upon impact. They are primarily intendedfor training use on indoor ranges.  Contact SBR at 912-264-5822,

Guardian Pepper Spray is a mainstay among law enforcement.  Guardian features a 5.5% OC product rated at 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) with a 0.69% and a Capsaicinoid content, Guardian pepper is hot stuff indeed.  New for 2011 Guardian is moving into the civilian market in a big way.  Their new civilian line has ½ ounce and ¾ ounce key-chain models up to large spray can models with belt carried models in between and feature either a spray stream or fog delivery.  Streaming OC is a more precise method of delivery with fogging units more capable of respirator impairment.  With their same high-quality production processes, Guardian offers top chemical munitions sprays to the civilian market. or 800-220-2010.


A.L.S. Technologies, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of flash-bangs has redesigned their line of 40mm barricade penetrating projectiles.  With a new “optimization ring” that makes contact with the rifling of a 40mm, less-lethal barrel accuracy is enhanced.  Also new of this chemical munitions round, which is available in OC, CS powder or liquid is a deployment disk at the tip. Many barricade rounds are designed to deploy their payload after impact with another hard surface in the room, while the ALS design will dump its 55-grain chemical payload after it impacts a glass window or wooden door.  Visit or call 870-445-8746.


Sage Ordance Systems Group, the manufacturers of the Deuce 37 or 40mm double-barrel over/under less-lethal launcher, are in the final stages of testing on their BMG (Box Magazine Gun) less-lethal launcher. The BMG is a 37mm box-fed less-lethal launcher with a four-, six- or single-shot capability. Box fed means quicker loading and the ability to deliver multiple impact or chemical munitions rounds is awesome. The Deuce is available now with a redesigned sighting system, Sage hopes the BMG will hit the market later this year. To find out more, visit or call 989-739-2200.

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