SHOT Show 2011–Day Two

Working our way through the exhibits at the Sands Expo…

Working our way through the exhibits at the Sands Expo Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, here’s what we’re seeing on day two:


Lenco BearCat
Featuring a 6.4L V8 diesel engine with 350 horsepower, four-wheel drive operation and run-flat tires, the Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle offers law enforcement agencies a highly capable tactical vehicle.

The vehicle features a body and glass resistant to rounds up to 7.62x51mm, With rotating hatches and multiple gun ports, as well as a floor and fuel tank armored against blasts, the BearCat can reach speeds of 90 mph and has an approach angle of 41 degrees. For more information, visit or call 800-444-5362.


Ruger LC9
Ruger introduces the much anticipated 9mm version of its popular .380 LCP “Light Compact Pistol.” The new LC9 9mm is only slightly larger than the LCP, less than 1-inch in both height and length, and packs a 7 +1 capacity. The same technology used in the LCP; a blued, through hardened slide and one-piece glass filled nylon grip frame, help keep the LC9 light weight at just 17.10 oz. Improvements in the LC9 include new white dot high visibility dovetailed front and rear sights, a removable finger grip magazine extension, and a slide that locks back after the last shot. The best feature of all may be the price, just $443.  Visit


Radom Model 96 Mini Beryl
This select-fire, ultra-short 5.56x45mm carbine from Radom combines the best elements of the Kalashnikov design with Poland’s finest manufacturing and engineering techniques. The PDW-style carbine employs a folding stock that also can collapsed for length of pull and a Picatinny rail forend system. Also of note is the optic-mount above the receiver that attaches at two points, at the rear of the receiver and the rear sight base, for maximum optical stability. Unfortunately for US consumers, this rifle is restricted to use by LE and military units. Visit for more information.


ATI FX Fat Boy
For .45 ACP fans, American Tactical Imports has a new compact high capacity 1911 pistol called the FX Fat Boy available with both 10- and 12-round magazines. These will also appeal to the concealed carry market with Commander length grips, and a 3.2-inch bull flared barrel with no bushing. This gun is all 4140 steel with a matte black finish and features snag-free low-profile three-dot sights, lowered and flared ejection port, extended beavertail grip safety, skeletonized aluminum trigger, and round hammer. MSRP is $629.95. For more information visit or call 800-290-0065.

Kahr CM9

Capitalizing on the concealed carry market is KAHR’s new CM9 pistol in 9mm, basically the CW version of their popular PM9. This polymer framed semi-auto compact pistol will ship with one (instead of two) 6 + 1 capacity magazine. Other significant cost savings for the consumer come from the traditional rifling instead of polygonal and it has a metal injection molded (instead of machined) slide stop/release. Other cost savings include a pinned in polymer front sight and simplified engraving on the slide. MSRP is $559. For more information contact or call 508-795-3919.

Taurus Raging Judge
Clearly 410 bore revolvers are for wimps. Now Taurus has introduced a massive five shot 28 gauge revolver called the Raging Judge. According to Taurus “Personal protection, home defense, sport shooting and more” are all easy work” for this angry jurist. This gun features a 6.5-inch shrouded barrel, high visibility fiber optic front sight, and a cushioned insert grip. Available in blued and stainless steel this is a traditional double/single action revolver. With an unloaded weight of 67 oz. this will get you noticed. MSRP is $586. For more information contact or call 305-624-1115.


Walther PPQ
New from Walther is their black Tenifer coated PPQ pistol. A 9mm and .40 S&W striker fired semi auto with a light short trigger system with an audible and short reset. The PPQ also has ambidextrous paddle magazine release and slide lock/release, interchangeable backstrap, and front and rear slide serrations. The PPQ Limited version comes loaded with extra features including a threaded barrel, a non-functional suppressor, 17-round and 15-round magazines, and night sights. MSRP for the Limited, which is only available in 9mm, is $899. The standard PPQ will retail for $729. For more information visit or call 800-372-6454.


Remington 870 Shotgun Breachers Kit
Remington LE Division had their 870 Shotgun Breachers Kit on display.  What’s new with this kit is that it comes from Remington with all the bells and whistles you’d want on a breaching shotgun – barrel stand-off, ambidextrous sling, expandable stock, flat-top receiver for whatever sight you choose, you just have to supply the operator and breaching rounds.  Also from Remington is a 14” barrel shotgun with new lower profile rifled sights.  These high visibility but low profile sights are quick on target and combined with the shorter barrel are perfect for today’s smaller patrol cars.  For more check out their website at or call 336-548-8899.

Mossberg Aimpro Shotguns
Mossberg had on display several new shotguns from their custom shop Aimpro Tactical.  Mike Shain from Aimpro showed off two new Mossberg 930 semi-auto shotguns —one sporting a pistol-grip stock with custom ghost ring rear sight and a fiber optic front sight developed by Aimpro, the other 930 with a standard polymer stock but an InSight MRDS (Mini Red Dot Sight) on a custom mount fabricated by Shain and his team. The forends on both shotguns feature Picatinny rails for the addition of lights, lasers or sling mounts. You can check out all of Mossberg’s shotgun line at or

KelTec KSG Shotgun

Okay, what’s better than a 12 gauge shotgun for serious social encounters?  How about a 15-shot 12 gauge?  Kel-Tec has unveiled their KSG bull-pup shotgun with twin magazines.  You can stuff seven 2 ¾-inch high brass shells in one magazine then switch to the other magazine for another seven, with one in the chamber that gives this pump shotgun a 15 round capacity.  Overall length is only 26.1” overall with an 18.5” barrel.  Weight loaded with 15 shells is 8.5 lbs.  The KSG has good ergonomics and a well designed cross-bolt safety.  The only bad thing is we have to wait until the third quarter of this year to get our hands on it.  Kel-Tec’s website is or call 321-631-0068 for more.

Altamont 1911 Tactical Grips

Known for their thorough line of custom-style handguns grips and rifles stocks, Altamont has recently released their line of Tactical 1911 Grips—featuring such advanced materials as G10 and employing grip-enhancing patterns such as ribbing, grooves, finger-wraparound checkering patches, and combinations of the aforementioned to name just a few. For more information, visit or call 800-626-5774.

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  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Nuthin’ like a Tactical Bottle Opener when the goin’ gets tough.

  • General Jim M

    Load that Kel Tec shotgun up with flechette rounds.


    Hi Chad, we’ve removed the cowboy/single action content from this post as they’re misfits. However, stay tuned for a miscellaneous roundup that may include single action and cowboy-style revolvers.

  • Chad

    Please explain the single action at the top of page 4 that’s all by it’s lonesome. Looks like a black hawk version of the judge with uggo grips.

  • Justin

    Viridian should stick to just lasers because they clearly exaggerate their lumen ouput. And Phoebus lights are overpriced.