Sig Sauer P-224 Extreme Pistol Review

The Sig Sauer P-224 Extreme is a full-power pistol that carries in a pocket unobtrusively!

I’ve been testing Sig Sauer’s P-224 Extreme lately and grow more enthusiastic about it daily. I am a believer in full-power pistols that carry in a pocket unobtrusively.

I can use them on protective assignments to blend unobtrusively wearing light clothing or for concealed carry.

Care must be taken to select trousers with a good-sized side pocket and a proper side pocket holster to conceal and properly present the pistol for the draw.

Among the P-224 Extreme’s features which make it well suited to this mission are its compact size, DAK trigger with non-snag trigger spur, magazine capacity which remains at 10+1 in .357 SIG or .40 S&W and 11+1 in 9x19mm despite a short grip, and controls which are flat non-snag.

SIGLITE night sights are a boon as well for use in low light and to meet requirements of LE agencies for approved weapons.

Best of all its accurate out to 25 and even 50 yards. This is a great pistol.

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  • Bret McNeal

    Nice gun, but too many cons for $800.00 bucks. Too fat, heavy, and short. There are more choices, and $300.00 bucks less.