Smith & Wesson has just released a new pistol to…

Smith & Wesson has just released a new pistol to the M&P line. Named the Shield, this polymer-framed subcompact comes in 9mm or .40 S&W. Using a single-stack design, the Shield is indeed compact, weighing 18.5 ounces and measuring only 1-inch wide, 6.1 inches long and 4.6 inches high with the flush-fitting magazine. Capacity of the 9mm and .40-caliber versions is 7+1 and 6+1, respectively, using the flush magazine. Included is an extended magazine with a finger grip that gives many shooters a full grip on the pistol and adds one more round in either caliber.

Though the silhouette of the Shield is nearly identical to the M&P subcompact, it is different not only in its slimmer dimensions and weight, but the inclusion of a flat-profile frame-mounted thumb safety for right-handed shooters and an improved 6.5-pound trigger. This design breaks cleanly and predictably and has a shorter reset. It will be incorporated into all M&P pistols in the future. The Shield also does not have an ambidextrous slide stop or changeable grip panels, as with other M&P pistols.


The Shield is built around the M&P design envelope and is equipped with features required by professional users, such as a corrosion-resistant Melonite finish applied to the barrel (inside and out) and stainless steel slide, and steel sights. To increase stiffness, the Shield’s polymer frame is molded around a one-piece stainless steel chassis that incorporates the slide rails and locking block. The action parts are also connected to the chassis. This contrasts to other designs that mold the slide rails and locking block into the frame and have steel-to-steel connection to each other.

With an MSRP of $449, the Shield is very competitive with other polymer-framed, single-stack pistols in its class and comes with two magazines when some competitive models do not. Shields chambered in 9mm are now available with the .40 caliber version due out this summer. Holsters and accessories are also now available from several makers. For more info, visit or call 800-331-0852.

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  • Rob

    Stacking 5 shot groups with all holes touching at 60′, The more I shot it the better it got. Total confidence in this one. Have about 250 rounds through it. Trigger is nice, better to chamber first round with the slide closed for now. Should get better with break in had a couple of light strikes on first round. Think it was due to chambering with the slide locked open. No regrets here. Tempted to take it yote hunting, have to check the regs.

  • Ron

    I have shot my new Shield a couple of times now. This gun rocks. I like it a lot. Now for the right holster. Anyone have a suggestiom?

  • Amanda

    I just got my M&P Shield today and can’t wait to shoot it. I am wanting to use the Shield as my CC instead of my Ultra ligt revolver. After countless Youtube videos I think I made the right choice buying the Shield. The biggest factor was the upgraded trigger. With small hands heavy double action triggers don’t work for me. We will see how it shoots this evening and give a better review.

  • Derek

    I would really like to seem S&W update the triggers in the rest of the M&P line. Why not release a next gen version of the rest of the line so we can all enjoy a trigger with a better reset?

  • Jim

    I got to check this gun out yesterday, just hold it and dry fire it. I’m in LOVE with it. Can’t wait to own my own Shield. Best feeling compact single stack 9mm I have held (not that there’s that many out there!)Damn you S&W for making me want it soooo bad!

  • David W.

    Picked up my M&P9 Shield 2 days ago. I own about a dozen semi auto handguns and the Shield feels better in my hand than any of them! I’ve shot 200 rounds through it so far without a hiccup and when I get a couple hundred more through it, it’s going to be my EDC! Shoots great, is accurate and light weight! like I said, it just feels good in the hand!
    My local dealer had 2 of them, now he has none! The day I bought it, I showed it to a friend and once he got it in his hands he said “do they have another one” we immediately went back to the gun shop so he could by the other one! He’s not even a Smith fan!

  • Kyle

    I think this is going to compete with the beretta nano