Sneak Peek: Barrett M017A1 (video)

A recent trip to Grayling, Michigan allowed for a true…

A recent trip to Grayling, Michigan allowed for a true test of the new Barrett M017A1 CQ rifle. Their latest variation of the venerable M107 / M82 A1 series, it comes with many improvements. Its aluminum upper receiver and lighter internals provide for several pounds of weight reduction. The shorter barrel removes even more weight and means it will fit in a standard drag bag. The question is, what do all these improvements mean, and do they work?

This rifle was taken to a Special Applications Training SASR class. Designed to prepare officers for the implementation of a 50 BMG rifle, the question would be is it practical, and is the training real? Not only would the rifle be tested, but the practicality and usefulness of the class.

As the video indicates, this was not a “lay down and shoot class,” it was real training geared towards the police sniper. Both the class and the weapon are covered in upcoming articles in Special Weapons for Military and Police. Be sure to grab a copy and see if this rifle and this training are all they appear to be.

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