Sneak Peek: Beretta LTLX7000

There is only one in existence right now, but Beretta…

There is only one in existence right now, but Beretta would like to make a lot more of their prototype LTLX7000 Less-Than-Lethal Launcher. was recently given a chance to check it out firsthand at Beretta’s facility in Accokeek, Maryland, and it was impressive.



At first glance, Beretta’s launcher seems like just a traditional rubber-projectile-firing pump-action shotgun with an oversized red dot scope. In actuality, it’s an incredibly innovative less-than-lethal weapon system that is capable of self-adjusting in order to deliver the same amount of blunt force on a target regardless of the distance, as long as it is between 50 and 230 feet.

Look out for a full feature article in the January 2012 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine.

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  • Armored

    Resembles the Benelli Supernova tactical with a collapsible stock.

  • CK

    Less-than-lethal is overrated.